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DCC for Beginners. If you are new to DCC and are wondering what it is all about, this section is for you. It is aimed towards someone that knows nothing about DCC and is intended to answer some basic

questions you may have about DCC. Dual gauge turnouts look complicated, and mechanically they are, but wiring them is not a big deal. Due to its mechanical complexity, it is not possible to make a dual gauge turnout DCC … The green CONFIG Indicator shows the primary operating mode of the DCS100. This indicator should be steady green blinking off briefly once every 4 seconds. This indicates that the setting for DCS100 Option Switch 05 is set up correctly. Product Support for: AutoReversing -> Automatic Reverse Controller-Single (AR1) View the Product Page for the AR1 Senior Editor Dana Kawala demonstrates the features and functions of a Pi-Sprog One Digital Command Control (DCC) system from Sprog USA. The system combines the firm's Sprog JMRI interface

with a Raspberry Pi computer to give you cutting-edge DCC option for your model railroad. The SPROG family of DCC devices Problem? If you have a problem in using your SPROG then please check the list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if you can resolve the problem. The Azatrax IR(infrared) train detectors are designed to be easy and simple to use, yet versatile and flexible. Each detector consists of a circuit board and one or more sensor sets: an IR LED light source paired with an IR receiver. The infrared light is not visible to the human eye. Organisms with a bilaterally symmetric nervous system face a problem – how to integrate functions across the two sides so that behavioural outputs can be coordinated for the entire body. The Aristo FA-1 is a very good engine. It has been made for many years and it is pretty

bug free. Since it is shorter than the U-25 and RS-3, it is actually usable on 2' radius curves with a minor modification to increase the rear coupler swing. CVP Products manufactures EasyDCC, Airwire900, Railcommand and wireless products for model railroad in Richardson, Texas. Principals: Keith Gutierrez, Al Lautenslager

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